DEDI Solution Recognized the Best among Technologies for Digital Production Management

DEDI Solution Recognized the Best among Technologies for Digital Production Management

Digital Software Equipment Monitoring System OPTIMUM AI won the “Equipment and Technologies for Digital Production Management” award at the professional competition that was conducted as part of the 19th international specialized exhibition “Engineering. Metalworking. Welding” (Russia, Kazan, December 4-6, 2019).

The Digital Economy Development Institute (DEDI LLC), a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Information Technology Cluster, presented at the exhibition software and hardware complexes for remote monitoring of manufacturing equipment and MRO automation.

DEDI’s leading solution for industry, DSEMS OPTIMUM AI developed on the basis of the Digital IoT Platform “OPTIMUM Smart Engineering Systems 2025” (DIoTP OPTIMUM SES 2025), automates diagnostics and maintenance of production equipment (machines, transformers, compressors, pumps, etc.). The solution provides reliable information about the actual load of equipment and the operating time of the personnel and automatically forms a “help chain” in case deviations from a regular regime are identified. As a result, the company diminished the number of unplanned downtime of equipment, reduced the cost of maintenance and repair, increased the load factor of machines, and enhanced the efficiency of the business as a whole.

DSEMS OPTIMUM AI uses the technology of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence: equipment status indicators are captured by smart sensors; the system analyzes them regarding compliance with the operating ranges, and selects a response scenario in case of deviation from a regular situation.

The solution has been highly assessed by both visitors to the exhibition and the professional panel of the competition.