Image Recognition System Developed by a Skolkovo Resident is Included in the National Software Registry

Image Recognition System Developed by a Skolkovo Resident is Included in the National Software Registry

Two products developed by the Digital Economy Development Institute (DEDI), a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation’s Information Technology Cluster, have been registered and included into the Unified Register of Russian Software.

The OPTIMUM SkyNet Engine digital platform recognizes and analyzes images on a mobile device using artificial intelligence technologies (mobile neural network). Within a matter of seconds, it identifies objects with an accuracy of more than 95%, analyzes for compliance with the specified parameters, and yields recommendations for correcting deficiencies. The platform does not require Internet connectivity: this feature distinguishes the new development from similar products. Solutions based on the OPTIMUM SkyNet Engine platform are operated in various sectors of the economy including retail and manufacturing.

The OPTIMUM SkyNet Retail software system recognizes products and prices, analyzes compliance of display with corporate standards, checks correctness of prices and promotions in effect, yields recommendations for correcting errors, automatically fills in key performance indicators in handling the outlet, and generates reports based on the selected criteria.

OPTIMUM SkyNet Retail enables rapid collection of statistics on both your own and competitors’ products and an analysis of shelf share in dynamics. Owing to this, the solution reduces the merchandiser’s operation time at each sales outlet. This enables optimization of the personnel needed to service the distribution network and improve the quality and reliability of information for subsequent market analysis.


“The photos taken on a mobile device are typically recognized on remote servers to which images are sent via the Internet. The “decoded” information is returned then to the mobile device. We have developed a fully standalone solution based on a mobile neural network that is independent of communication channels and does not require expensive servers. Using OPTIMUM SkyNet Retail, photos can now be recognized and analyzed, reports generated, and recommendations obtained immediately in the mobile device application.”


Solutions based on the OPTIMUM SkyNet Engine platform that are intended for various industries boost business efficiency and allow significant savings to enterprises. A pilot project, in which OPTIMUM SkyNet Retail was implemented in Mars Kazakhstan, was completed in September 2019. Based on its results, Mars Corporation made a decision to extend commercial operations of the system to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.


“The implementation of artificial intelligence technologies to optimize business processes in various sectors of the economy is the trend for the years to come. It is nice that Russia has now advanced world-class solutions that use AI in the corporate environment. The image recognition system on a mobile device developed at Skolkovo by DEDI is a domestic innovation that is already available to Russian enterprises. It has a number of advantages over analogues. Apart from accuracy and high recognition speed, the solution features low requirements for the characteristics of smartphones. This allows the solution to be implemented as quickly and inexpensively as possible using employees’ mobile devices that are already available.”