OPTIMUM SmartLook Engine

An innovative platform for machine learning models developed on the basis of proprietary methods and recognition core. The platform is designed for flexible interaction with mobile devices. This is the first in its class “engine” that can operate directly on your phone or tablet without the need for rapid data exchange with the cloud and even without the need for an Internet connection.

The solutions developed based on the platform maintain:

  • Image Recognition for Retail. Analysis of the product display, analysis of shelf share, monitoring prices of, availability of products, etc.
  • Face recognition. Identification of the person who logs in the application or enters the room.
  • Behavioral analysis. Analysis of the client’s emotional state and level of satisfaction with the service, theft prevention.
  • Analysis of state of health. Primary diagnosis of some diseases by photo.
  • Readings of instruments. Collection of metering device readings and inventory numbers.
  • Quality control in the workplace. Parts processing, equipment defects, product defects.
  • Analysis of the state of crops on the field. Occurrence of diseases, determination of the height and size of plants, reconciliation with target indicators.
  • Attendance analysis. Optimization of the number of time slots and staff, redistribution of customers, analysis of the average time spent in the line.
  • Augmented reality. Indoor navigation, display of additional information about points of interest.

OPTIMUM SmartLook Engine Image Recognition Digital Platform (OPTIMUM SmartLook Engine) is registered in the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS), certificate No. 2019616147 dated 05/17/2019.

User support is provided through the use of phone (+7 495 505 20 55) and email (support@dedicorp.ru ) in Russian around the clock.