Industrial Equipment Monitoring

The solution provides continuous monitoring of equipment based on the readings of installed sensors, enables your company to control operations of the equipment including that distributed over a large territory, analyze and forecast its operation. No additional devices are needed to be mounted in the housing or a computer numerical control rack.


  • Reduced production losses related with the downtime due to technical equipment malfunction
  • Extended lifetime of equipment
  • Improved occupational safety and reduced number of incidents related to incompliance with safety regulations
  • Minimal impact of human errors on operations of the equipment
  • Prompt availability of information on the status of geographically distributed facilities
  • Increased return on investment in equipment upgrade
  • More substantiated operational and strategic decision making
  • Decreased purchase of spare parts, tools, and accessories and/or savings on purchases of spare parts due to automated accounting of equipment, units, and parts

Basic features

  • Reception in real-time of readings from the sensors installed on the equipment (vibration, temperature, pressure, air flow, etc.).
  • Monitoring in real time of the condition of equipment, its operating time, and production resources
  • Selection of strategies to respond to malfunctions.