KINEF. MRO Automation in the Oil and Gas Sector

Project area and size: Leningrad region, Kirishi oil refinery. System scaling planned for all enterprises KINEF LLC.

Pilot solution for automating the work of mobile service personnel based on OPTIMUM Smart Engineering Systems 2025 Digital Platform. DEDI specialists only needed 10 days to launch pilot operations in Workshop No. 13 on a facility for dehydration and thermal processing of sediments and oil sludge, in real-time 24x7 operation mode. Tanks for oil, solutions, sludge, condensates, air and pumps, mixers, tricanters, decanters, spiral conveyors were inspected on a daily basis.

Data collection before without automation

During the project were implemented:

  • addition of data to the system from the inspected location;
  • monitoring of progress in inspections using NFC tags;
  • inclusion of photos and comments into the report on inspection;
  • collection of data for analysis and audit of officers’ activities.
  • generation of reports and plotting of analytical charts;
  • control of inspectors on the route by means of reading NFC tags on the equipment and authorizations to fulfill tasks;
  • objective assessment of the condition of the equipment.


The tests conducted have confirmed the efficiency of the mobile inspection automation system on the basis of the OPTIMUM SES 2025 Digital Platform. The software product has been recommended for deployment at KINEF LLC for automation of inspections.

Data collection and authorization on equipment with OPTIMUM SES 2025