MRO Process Automation

A comprehensive solution for automating maintenance and repair of equipment (MRO) developed based on OPTIMUM Smart Engineering Systems 2025 Digital Platform.


  • Reduced production losses caused by equipment downtime.
  • Improved quality of planning and repairs.
  • Overall increase in labor productivity.
  • Enhanced control over labor safety.
  • Improved reliability of data on the technical condition of equipment.
  • Reduced number of technology violations in performing scheduled and unscheduled work.
  • Enhanced control of the use, consumption, and disposal of spare parts, tools, and accessories.

Basic features

  • Planning and monitoring of mobile personnel activities.
  • Operation scenarios.
  • Compliance with regulations.
  • Accounting of the consumption of materials and spare parts, tools, and accessories.
  • Inventory of equipment using barcodes and NFC/RFID.
  • Control of location with reference to key operations.
  • Accumulation and analysis of data.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • KPI management.
  • Task completion statuses.
  • Photo and video recording of work results, defects, signature of the responsible person.
  • User-friendly access to required information (regulatory and reference data, work history, documentation, instructions).
  • Offline and online operation modes.
  • Generation of emergency and supplementary requests.