Satellite Vehicles Tracking

The solution is designed to control the location and movement of vehicles based on data from various navigation systems (GLONASS, GPS, BeiDou, Galileo, etc.). In case dedicated sensors are installed in a vehicle, reports on fuel consumption, unloading cargo at a wrong location, unauthorized transportation of passengers, etc. may be generated.


  • Reduced no-load mileage and inappropriate use of vehicles.
  • Reduced expenses on fuel and lubricants and traffic police fines.
  • Savings on maintenance and repair.
  • Reduced number of cargo thefts.
  • Minimum spoilage of perishable products during delivery.
  • Enhanced discipline and efficiency of drivers and forwarders.

Basic features

  • Satellite monitoring of movement and location of vehicles (visualization of planned vs. actual routes).
  • Monitoring of any sensors installed in the vehicle (opening of the body, temperature regime in the refrigerator, amount of fuel, etc.).
  • Monitoring of the sensors of the driver’s/forwarder’s mobile device (GPS/GLONASS, accelerometer, gyroscope).
  • Monitoring of traffic safety (logging of sudden braking/acceleration, sudden lane changes/maneuvers, speed control, warning about dangerous sections of the road, recording photos of the driver on the route).
  • Control of deviations from the route.
  • Automatic notification about emergency situations (alarms).
  • Time monitoring of the passage of checkpoints on the route.
  • Rapid scaling.
  • Integration with CRM/ERP systems.
  • Detailed reporting.