OPTIMUM Digital Platform 2025

OPTIMUM Digital Platform 2025 is intended for the rapid design, operation, and development of high-performance 5G systems such as “Digital Enterprise”, “Smart City”, and “Smart Territory”. The platform enables your company to develop systems of any complexity for the Android, iOS, Windows, Tizen, and Aurora (ex-Sailfish Mobile OS Rus) operating systems.

Example of setting synchronization rules in the OPTIMUM Platform Control Center.

The platform reduces:

  • the time needed to develop mobile and IIoT solutions by a factor of 2-5;
  • development costs by 20-80%;
  • the load on information systems in the process of date exchange with mobile and IIoT solutions;
  • costs of technical support and development of solutions by 30%;
  • the cost of ownership of the entire software facility by at least 30% while performance is boosted in both qualitative and quantitative terms;
  • the time needed to launch new solutions.

Management of interaction between the server part and integrated-system components distributed over a vast territory that includes maintenance of high performance, integrity of online data exchange and full-scale offline operations in “processes without connectivity” make up to 80% of the labor input in development a mobile or IIoT solution. This work is now performed by OPTIMUM Digital Platform 2025, a unique 100% Russian product.

Owing to the employment of the platform in development activities your company can:

  1. filter and process ERP data/Big Data;
  2. set a frontal project: change ERP-data - a frontal project. Mobile devices and data from sensors and IIoT devices.
  3. configure schedules, users, and reception/transmission objects, synchronize groups, data flow directions, and process priorities and conflicts;
  4. store data of mobile solutions or IIoT sensors, use cache databases;
  5. segment data; set and filter data necessary for a particular employee;
  6. identify modified, added, or deleted data for reception by and/or transmission from a mobile device or an IIoT sensor;
  7. establish communication and data exchange with a mobile device or an IIoT sensor;
  8. establish communication and data exchange with a server;
  9. store data (DB) on a mobile/IIoT device;
  10. identify modified, added, or deleted data for the server;
  11. ensure security, authentication, and logging of users and system actions.

OPTIMUM Digital Platform 2025 is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Computers and Databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications, and Mass Media of the Russian Federation (No. 5011 dated 12/03/2018).

OPTIMUM Digital Platform 2025 is registered in the Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS), certificate No. 2018661449 dated 09/07/2018.

User support is provided through the use of phone (+7 985 776-81-67) and email (support@dedicorp.ru ) in Russian around the clock.