Delivery Routes Planning

The solution is intended for the automatic formation of vehicle routes and the arrangement of cargo delivery.


  • Transportation costs reduced by on average 25-30%
  • Route planning time reduced by a factor of no less than 3-10
  • Unjustified vehicle downtime reduced by 15-20%
  • Average payload increased by 10-15%
  • Length of routes reduced
  • Fuel consumption reduced by 20-30%

Basic features

  • Automatic planning of optimal routes that takes into account traffic situation, type of vehicle, payload, body volume, cost of the ride, carrier rating, and delivery time slots (more than 40 calculation parameters)
  • Planning and forecasting of vehicle operations to optimize its utilization taking into account its type, characteristics of the cargo, cost of transportation, and other parameters
  • Monitoring of any smart sensors installed in the car and readings from the CAN bus (body temperature, fuel consumption, etc.)
  • Calculation of the planned and actual cost of the route
  • Usage of cartography of various manufacturers including proprietary mapping service
  • Calculation and control of routes from a unified control center
  • Labor calendar
  • Accounting for own and rented vehicles
  • Transferring the route to the driver’s (forwarder’s) mobile device